[Juklim] Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea (30g)
[Juklim] Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea (30g)
[Juklim] Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea (30g)
[Juklim] Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea (30g)
[Juklim] Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea (30g)

[Juklim] Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea (30g)

[Juklim] Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea (30g)

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Boseong, Korea

Tucked in between the foggy bamboo forest & calm waves of the sea, Juklim Tea Plantation produces some of the finest teas in the Boseong County of Korea, famous for green tea. 

Juklim’s Tea Master Jang hand-picks the finest leaves in the short season in spring to produce an uncompromising aroma of heavenly Korean tea. Master Jang Sun-Jae is one of few tea masters in Korea that still hand fries green tea to order. This traditional roasting method ensures that every nuance of the tea can be denoted in the flavor. 

Enjoy every sip of the tea from Korea’s famous tea location – from therapeutic aromas to laughter at the tea table.

Product Description

Organic mulberry leaf tea from Juklim is hand crafted specialty drink. Jang grows his mulberry trees organically alongside his organic tea farm in Boseong, South Korea. 

His leaves are harvested in winter right after the first frost, to ensure that the leaves capture the medicinal qualities that Koreans have praised it for centuries in the past. 

Rich in protein and blood-sugar lowering qualities, these medicinal leaves are a silkworm's favorite as well. Korea used to be full of mulberry trees, they were used for food consumption and silk plantation. Jamsil, the business and entertainment center of the southeast districts of Seoul, is named after the silk plantation and fields of mulberry trees it once was before industrialization.

Sweet Flavors

With a deep, earthy, and sweet flavor profile, mulberry leaves are the perfect alternatives to sweet drinks that we crave in winter. Its subtle flavors and scent captures the hearts of herbal and floral tea novices.

Mulberry leaves de-stress and have a plethora of health benefits. For those that love the grainy, nutty flavors of barley and oat drinks should love this warm, caffeine-free addition to their list of nutty drinks.

Product Information

Name: Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea

Net Weight: 30 g

Expiry Date: packaged date

Packaging: PP, paper

Ingredients: 100% organic mulberry leaves

Producer: Tea Juklim

Retailer: Tinge of Soul

Storage: Seal the package tightly and store in dry, cool area

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Standard Domestic


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