Carefully selected organic tea from the valleys of Boseong -- home of green tea in South Korea

We have a limited quantity of craft tea, prepared by tea master Jang from Boseong in his organic farm. The bamboo forest by the tea plantation provides the right shade and coolness to the tea leaves that bask in the intense sun during the day. The tea house with its namesake bamboo forest tea plantation will certainly provide you with its one-of-a-kind experience to understand Korea's tea. 

Unlike the teas of China and Japan, the Korean counterpart boasts a subtle fragrance and light shades of tea color. The green and black tea perfectly match the bright, refreshing taste of Korean food. Whether it's a sweet dessert cake or vegetarian bibimbap, Master Jang's hand-fried green tea will cleanse the palate for another refreshing bite of your favorite food. 

Want a caffeine-free experience? See our tea collection for other non-caffeinated selection of floral and herbal teas. Master Jang hand-picks and crafts each pedal of each flower carefully every season. Quantities are limited for these premium flower teas, so find your perfect gift for your family now!

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