[Cheong Woo Tea Artisans] Marigold Black Tea (20g)
[Cheong Woo Tea Artisans] Marigold Black Tea (20g)
[Cheong Woo Tea Artisans] Marigold Black Tea (20g)
[Cheong Woo Tea Artisans] Marigold Black Tea (20g)
[Cheong Woo Tea Artisans] Marigold Black Tea (20g)
[Cheong Woo Tea Artisans] Marigold Black Tea (20g)
[Cheong Woo Tea Artisans] Marigold Black Tea (20g)

[Cheong Woo Tea Artisans] Marigold Black Tea (20g)

[Cheong Woo Tea Artisans] Marigold Black Tea (20g)

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Cheong Woo Tea Artisans

Premium blending black tea from selected organic leaves
cultivated by certified organic tea artisan from Boseong

Cheong Woo's premium organic black tea is blended with India's premium second flush Darjeeling black tea to boost the sweet aromas of the tea. Locally sourced ginger refreshes the mouth while the homegrown organic marigold flower pedals add a hint of spring to the flavors. Beetroot from Jeju island enhances the earthy flavors of the tea while adding a tinge of bright red to the liquor. -- Slowly unfold the flavors and enjoy the afternoon tea to decompress. 

Mr. Anh Myung-soon is an "organic tea artisan" certified by the provincial government of Jeollanam-do.

Boseong's Grand Cru tea plantation

Grand Cru is the French term for superior grade of wine or its vineyard.

Cheong Woo is located on Mount Mongjung of Boseong County. Its superior terroir is replenished with the minerals from the South Sea fog and a mix of warm and cool breeze ventilating the honey aroma of the leaves. 

The green teas made by Cheong Woo are characterized by the plantation's signature flavors -- soft mouthfeel and sweet aftertaste. Mr. Anh's tea is recognized through many streaks of the grand prize won at world tea contest. 

Enjoy all of the benefits brought by matcha and finest grand cru flavors with Cheong Woo's teas.

A delightful blend

Cheong Woo, which has won streaks of grand prizes in international tea competitions (for first flush green tea), worked with a tea master and sommelier to make this perfectly delightful blend of tea. 

Clean and healthy ingredients are combined for a clean, piquant flavors. They add a layer of depth for the sweet spring black tea. 

Marigold Black Tea is created with just four ingredients; no additives or chemical perfumes. 

Organic black tea from Cheong Woo (50%) + second flush black tea  from Darjeeling, India (16%)

Red beetroot from Jeju (17%)

Locally sourced ginger from Boseong (12%)

Organic marigold flowers from Cheong Woo (5%)

Biodegradable teabag

The tea bag is made with 100% biodegradable mesh filter made with corn PLA. More than 90% of it will completely dissolve into the soil in 30 days on average. 

PLA filters are micro-plastic free and hazardous material-free!

Focusing on the community

Single-origin organic tea plantations that provides the highest grade of teas work on everything from farming to selecting, making, to packaging the tea to ensure its organic status. For most tea farmers in Boseong, whom are elderly and small in population, there is virtually no resource to do sales and marketing. 

The farms provide their high-quality teas to other suppliers and distributors that purchase them at an unfair wholesale value. Moreover, the more sales the final brand/shop generates, the lower the wholesale price becomes for the farmers. This makes it harder for these individual farms to make sustainable livelihood while still pursing the best quality product possible. 

Tinge of Soul is a key partner with the County of Boseong, and we make transparent and fair deals with smaller farmers that wish to introduce their own brands to the market. 

We are the exclusive domestic and global seller that introduces Cheong Woo's soulful premium matcha at a fair and competitive price for our tea -- because we know that this is the only way to pass down the tradition, experience, and love of a simple cup of tea.

The perfect gift

Black tea's sweet, bright flavors combined with the piquant notes of Boseong's ginger will give you the afternoon pick-me-up. 

You can brew multiple cups while working or studying.

at home,

in office,

as a housewarming gift

with loved ones

Would you care for a cup of Marigold Black Tea?

Add 250ml (about 8 oz or one cup) of boiled water that has been slightly cooled (about 90ºC or 194ºF) into a drinking vessel and steep for 3 minutes, and enjoy! 


We strive to redefine happiness from the tiniest drop of soul. That drop of love and passion tinges your experience, memories, and cherished item with happiness. 

We believe that appreciating the smallest things in your everyday can help you discover the love, passion, dedication, and soul of others. 

Our mission is dedicated to finding makers of experience imbued with a tinge of soul. We listen to their story and routines to share every step of the journey with our customers.


Product Description

Name: Cheong Woo Marigold Black Tea

Net Weight: 20g (2g tea bags x 10)

Expiry Date: Printed on the package

Packaging: PLA filter, PP, Paper

Ingredients: organic black tea 50% (South Korea), Darjeeling second flush black tea 16% (India), beetroot 17% (South Korea), ginger 12% (South Korea), marigold flower 5% (South Korea)

Producer: Boseong Cheongwoo Tea

Retailer: Tinge of Soul LLC

Product Registration No.: 2004051903735

Storage: Seal tightly and store in a cool, dry area. Consume the product as soon as possible after opening. 

Tinge of Soul ships out all products after carefully examining each item for product conditions. We pack the products individually and carefully where we can (such as for ceramics). We also take photos of our orders before shipping out to ensure the safety and condition of your package.

We ship out the products on the same business day for orders placed before 14:00 KST. Otherwise, orders placed after 2 pm will be shipped with next day's shipment.

Note that shipping weight differs from product's net weight. "Net weight" does not include the weight of the packaging.

Shipping duration varies by local logistics service providers, last-mile logistics and other factors, such as weather, holidays, etc. that may impact shipment.

We will provide package tracking information where we can.

Please make sure you have provided all information required by your local customs laws during check-out.


Standard International

Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

7 to 14 business days

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France, Germany, Spain, and United Kingdom

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Brazil, Canada

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Cambodia, Laos, Macao, Mongolia, Myanmar

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Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka

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Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan

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Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Tanzania, Tunisia

10 to 21 business days

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Standard Domestic


1 - 2 business days

  • Purchase up to USD 29.99 - USD 2.95
  • Purchase USD 30 and up - FREE

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