[Sol] Soonsoo Flower Plate
[Sol] Soonsoo Flower Plate
[Sol] Soonsoo Flower Plate
[Sol] Soonsoo Flower Plate
[Sol] Soonsoo Flower Plate
[Sol] Soonsoo Flower Plate
[Sol] Soonsoo Flower Plate
[Sol] Soonsoo Flower Plate
[Sol] Soonsoo Flower Plate

[Sol] Soonsoo Flower Plate

[Sol] Soonsoo Flower Plate

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An elegant blossom on your palms

The perfect size for your snacks to be enjoyed with tea. The plates are also tasteful as personal plates for appetizers and bread. The pedals decorate the dull table with soft curves and dips. 

Soft, smooth porcelain with beauty marks

The matte white porcelain, with a tinge of blue, is hand crafted by ceramist Kim Min-Jeong. The artist created this line of freckled tableware with his innocent children in mind, smiling ever so charmingly.

The freckles are naturally expressed with iron specks in the glaze. In the daylight, the tableware shows a tinge of blue. A soft beige peeks through under yellow-tinted lighting. The smooth surface of this matte ceramic is loved by multiple Michelin restaurants located in Seoul, South Korea. 

Durable yet delicate

Most foods do not stain the white plate -- not even kimchi!
Clean the plates per usual with dish soap and warm water or in a dishwasher.

The plates are also microwave safe. However, do NOT use the tableware directly on the stove or fire.

We recommend immediately washing the plates after use.

Be mindful of using metal or stainless steel cutlery as they can leave marks.

Product Information

Material: ceramic tableware from Korea’s earth

Diameter: 17.5 cm

Height: 2 cm

Net Weight: 240g

Read before purchasing

Sol’s tableware is hand-crafted ceramics. Each item is uniquely crafted with love and care. Please carefully read the notice before purchasing your beloved ceramic tableware from South Korea.  

- The color and tone of the product may look different from the images seen on the screen due to monitor resolution or brightness of the images.

- Minimal variations in texture, color, thickness, patterns, size, and weight are a normal phenomenon and are not considered defective. 

- Micro-pinholes from bubbles formed during kiln firing may exist. They do not compromise the integrity of the ceramic. 

- Orders may take up to 3 weeks to fulfill as most items are made to order. Our service representative will inform the expected shipment period when order is placed. 

Free exchanges and refunds are not available for items with above-mentioned conditions as they are not considered defects. 

- Contact us within 2 days of receiving the product for any inquiries on exchanges and refunds. Let us know your order ID, purchased item names, and share with us photos, and we will be happy to assist you!

- Exchanges will be done through the same logistics company as the one we used, return shipment fee is paid by the customer.

- Please be cautious that any damages to the products from the return shipping cannot be covered. Please make sure to return the items in the same packaging as we have sent you.

Tinge of Soul ships out all products after carefully examining each item for product conditions. We pack the products individually and carefully where we can (such as for ceramics). We also take photos of our orders before shipping out to ensure the safety and condition of your package.

We ship out the products on the same business day for orders placed before 14:00 KST. Otherwise, orders placed after 2 pm will be shipped with next day's shipment.

Note that shipping weight differs from product's net weight. "Net weight" does not include the weight of the packaging.

Shipping duration varies by local logistics service providers, last-mile logistics and other factors, such as weather, holidays, etc. that may impact shipment.

We will provide package tracking information where we can.

Please make sure you have provided all information required by your local customs laws during check-out.


Standard International

Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

7 to 14 business days

  • up to 300g - USD 5.95
  • up to 700g - USD 9.95
  • up to 1200g - USD 14.95
  • up to 1600g - USD 17.95
  • up to 2000g - USD 20.95

France, Germany, Spain, and United Kingdom

7 to 20 business days

  • up to 300g - USD 7.95
  • up to 700g - USD 12.95
  • up to 1200g - USD 18.95
  • up to 1600g - USD 22.95
  • up to 2000g - USD 26.95

Brazil, Canada

10 to 20 business days

  • up to 300g - USD 7.95
  • up to 700g - USD 12.95
  • up to 1200g - USD 19.95
  • up to 1600g - USD 27.95
  • up to 2000g - USD 32.95


7 to 15 business days

  • up to 300g - USD 9.95
  • up to 700g - USD 15.95
  • up to 1200g - USD 24.95
  • up to 1600g - USD 32.95
  • up to 2000g - USD 40.95

Cambodia, Laos, Macao, Mongolia, Myanmar

7 to 15 business days

  • up to 300g - USD 15.95
  • up to 700g - USD 18.95
  • up to 1200g - USD 20.95
  • up to 1600g - USD 22.95
  • up to 2000g - USD 23.95

Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka

7 to 15 business days

  • up to 300g - USD 15.95
  • up to 700g - USD 18.95
  • up to 1200g - USD 21.95
  • up to 1600g - USD 24.95
  • up to 2000g - USD 26.95

Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan

10 to 21 business days

  • up to 300g - USD 24.95
  • up to 700g - USD 28.95
  • up to 1200g - USD 31.95
  • up to 1600g - USD 36.95
  • up to 2000g - USD 38.95

Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Tanzania, Tunisia

10 to 21 business days

  • up to 300g - USD 26.95
  • up to 700g - USD 31.95
  • up to 1200g - USD 37.95
  • up to 1600g - USD 43.95
  • up to 2000g - USD 45.95

Standard Domestic


1 - 2 business days

  • Purchase up to USD 29.99 - USD 2.95
  • Purchase USD 30 and up - FREE

Customer Reviews

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Stacie Cho
Beautiful Dessert Plate

These plates elevate any type of food that you serve on them. I’ve received so many compliments and love that it has a subtle but elegant Korean flair. The plate is matte but glazed enough you can easily clean anything off with dish soap and water. Highly recommended!

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