OUR STORY [3] | What is Curation?

May 28, 2023

Why is curation trending?

The world is overwhelmed with millions of new products and information constantly. 

This overwhelming bombardment has taken away the joy of choice. Users are faced with the issue of learning to dodge scams, fake news, and fraud. Despite the fact that humans have finite space-time to experience things, information and consumerism still drawn us with information -- screaming for attention.

Curation is an attempt to lift this burden borne by users. 

Where does it come from?

Curation is most widely used in the art world. You've probably heard of curators that put together collections at the art museums, exhibitions, and special shows. The curator selects a theme and collects related works of art to effectively communicate the abstract world to the material world. 

Curation now covers more ground in various fields. 

Curation indicates the "act of effectively providing carefully selected intelligence using the curator's expert knowledge or experience" to the users from the other end. The user is able to trust the curated information and reduce fatigue from dodging the internet bombardment. As a consumer, the user is more likely to purchase the personalized products. 

Amazon, Netflix, and almost all of social media platforms use curation. Based on the customer journey data that includes purchase history, browsing behavior and click data, customized information is spoon-fed to the customers. This spoon may feed dopamine (hours of entertainment) or letting you purchase whatever you needed in a snap.

Cases of curation in small businesses:

1) Independent book stores - Books are curated based on the owner's taste. Bibliophiles eventually become the owner's fan. Quality books are recommended and communities are formed through reading sessions or book clubs at these stores.

2) Vintage clothing stores - The owner may curate the sizes they would wear, or the style or brand they like, at the quality and price point that a specific niche of customers love. 


Curation has become a must-have strategy for many businesses in the scene. You must find your sweet spot of finding the right persona, the right niche to cater to. Your community has to be big enough to hit your business goals, but also very enjoyable to interact with. Consistency is key to setting the right criteria for your curation goals. 

We'll introduce more on that later.

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