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Feb 7, 2023

THE Pandemic is Over

Mask restrictions are mostly lifted in Korea. The pandemic that swept across the world over is now in the past, but this part of the world is still living in it. 

We're finally starting a new decade, it seems. However, many of us are met with unexpected changes in life. 

I am met with a new decade in my life. 

Hello, 30s

I turned 30 in the height of the pandemic.

Life isn't fair. 

30s is a tricky period in life. You're placed between being equipped to tackle "adult" problems, and having a ton of unimagined problems thrown at. 

It seems that you and your peers are faced with different problems though. Some are kickstarting their career, others looking for a new passion. 

No one is particularly ahead or behind on all aspects of life. We're used to a lot of things happening in life -- relationships (or lack thereof now),  work, hobbies, routines... We're just caught in the middle, staying barely afloat in some aspects while perfectly excelling in other aspects. 

We deal with the lethargy mostly alone. We don't compete anymore, but we don't feel motivated either. We yearn to do something exciting, but we just can't afford the energy to. We want to break our shells and take off our masks, but we're not bold enough to commit to risks and insecurity. We're bored, but content; alone, but not lonely.

30s seems to be full of contradiction. But, I think that's OK.

I'm OK with this.

It's OK to be mediocre. I just need to be aware of it.

A tinge of soul is all I'd need to make this moment memorable, cherished, and unforgotten. 

That hint of soul may spark from journaling; jotting down chaos into organized streams of thoughts. It could come from other mindfulness practices, as simple as taking a walk or aimlessly looking out the window. 

I wonder if traveling, meditating, and all that's supposedly good for you
could indeed spark something. I wonder about many things. I am curious still. 

I'm eager to find out, but I don't want another adventure. I just want some answer. They won't be the right answer. Again, that's OK. 

Tinge of Soul is attempt to discover the soulfulness around us. 

Welcome to Tinge of Soul!

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