CREATOR INTERVIEW [2] | Ceramist, Lee Jeong-hyun from Baekja Ilsang

Jan 1, 2023

Artist Lee Jeong-Hyun is a young porcelain specialist located in Miryang, South Korea -- a mountainous village near the southeast coast of the Korean peninsula. Lee works closely with nature, filtering and refining his own kaolin clay from the local mines and hand crafting every individual tableware and object.

Etched into the fired porcelain, the cobalt blue resonates with the artist's desire to express the endless ocean waves, flourishing bamboo forest, and perhaps his ode to nature that inspires him. 

White Porcelain of Joseon makes minimalistic lines a statement on a pure white canvas.

The streamlined silhouette of this time also represents Joseon’s values of integrity and gracefulness. 

Since looking simple yet elegant was a much more difficult virtue to achieve, it was highly sought after by aristocrats and scholars alike. Joseon porcelain is born out of the meticulous attention to the beauty and usage of the products.

Humble yet full, effortless yet detailed

Ceramist Lee Jeong-hyun presents the seemingly contradicting value of Joseon Porcelain through Baekja Ilsang. The beautiful silhouette of Joseon Porcelain is expressed in a humble everyday object of a mug. 

Modern yet traditional, artistic yet useful 

Ceramist Lee uses his craftsmanship to express a piece of art and utility. Baekja Ilsang – which means Everyday White Porcelain – introduces a one-of-a-kind mini mug that sits perfectly in your palm for your everyday use.

Simple yet meticulous

The artist creates everything from the clay to the glaze from scratch. Through this laborious process of many weeks, the porcelain mug is formed on the spinning wheel.

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