CREATOR INTERVIEW [1] | Ceramist, Kim Min-jung from SOL

Nov 18, 2022

Home of ceramics: Icheon, Gyeonggi-do

As many ceramists do, ceramist Kim Min-jung founded his studio at the heart of Joseon (1392 - 1910 CE) period's capital of ceramics. As part of the UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art, Icheon boasts a lineage of Joseon porcelain makers. 

Refined in technique and made with local earth prepared as clay, Icheon ceramists make durable handcrafts that are truly versatile. 

Sol's white ceramics

Kim creates only the purest porcelain in freckled matte white. It's his way of dedicating the work to his lovely children. Practical yet durable, the white plates are versatile for any cuisine. 

Kim's dedication to his crafts

"The temperature of the kiln can make the ceramic ware shiny or matte, the thickness of coloring and glazing may vary, and the roundness of my bowls may not be the perfect circle, but I am happy to cherish all these imperfections because they're all made by me. I wouldn't change it for the world to make something generic. [...] That's why I understand that not everyone may love my plates, but those that do -- I hope they love it and use it a long time." 

Kim's simple lines and curves may look uniform at a glance, but they all vary slightly, and that's what makes his craft all the more unique. 

- Tinge of Soul

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